‍‍כה טבת תשעח - January 12, 2018

Neeman Mazal Tov!

On behalf of the Shul, we would like to wish Mazel Tov to our members, Mr. & Mrs. Chezkie and Naomi Neeman on the birth of a Granddaughter in Eretz Yisroel! Mazal Tov to the parents Alex and Chavi Neeman!

Rabinowitz Mazal Tov!

On behalf of the Shul, we would like to wish Mazel Tov to our members, Mr. & Mrs. Arie and Chani Rabinowitz on the birth of a Granddaughter! Mazal Tov to the parents Yosef and Adel Eichorn! Please see the invitation to the Kiddush below!

Gross Mazal Tov!

On behalf of the entire Shul we would like to wish Mazal Tov to our members Mr. & Mrs. Yankie and Chavie Gross upon the engagement of their son Avramie to Malkie Golub Please see the invitation to the vort below!


Hello Members,
For everyone who missed the general membership meeting on Motzoai Shabbos, please find the highlights below. The evening was filled with good, spirited conversation, great food and a great time was had by all those who attended. This email will try to capture the highlights of what was discussed.


We would like all those who came out in the cold to attend the meeting:

Aaron Spivak

Abe Katz

Adam Offman

Akiva Feinsod

Alex Kranz

Ari Rozenberg

Ariel Halpert

Benyamin Friede

Benzion Goldstein

Beryl Sendrovic

Chaim Silver

Chezkie Neeman

Chezky Weiss

David Gurwitz

David Mayerfeld

David Zelefsky

DJ Berman

Don Rosenblum

Dovid Kram

Dovid Zellinger

Eli Rubin

Eric Goldstein

Heshy Friedman

Label Layman

Lenny Friedman

Moishe Kurzmann

Moshe Becker

Moshe Kaufman

Naftali Lazarus

Nechemia Jakubovic

Raanan Dvir

Rafi Valinsky

The Rav

Reuven Frankel

Reuven Smollen

Shmuel Czegledi

Shmuel Freedland

Shrage Schreiber

Tzvi Needleman

Yaakov Baldinger

Yiddel Grossberger

Yisroel Meir Gold

Yosef Karash

Yosef Twersky

Yosi Geretz

Zev Feder

Yitzie Fogel


 The meeting began with the President giving a state of the Shul address, he touched on many items going on in the Shul as well as what has been accomplished over the past year. Items discussed included:


  • The success of the Shul depends on people being involved and going out of their way to get others involved.
  • We have been working on increasing programs going on in the Shul.
    • The Shul now has three Daf HaYomis going as well as a Yerushalmi shiur given by the Rav every day.  
    • There are three minyanim for Shachris every day.
    • Two Maariv Minyanim daily
  • Thank you to many people who help out and continue to help out throughout the year. 
  • Welcome to the new families that have joined the Shul over the past year
    • Mr. & Mrs. Benzion Goldstein
    • Mr. & Mrs. Yosef Karash
    • Mr. & Mrs. Shlomo Gross
    • Rabbi & Mrs. Adam Offman


Next up was reports from different people on various items going on in the shul:

    • DJ Berman – Gave a rundown on the security initiatives in the Shul and the commitment the Shul has to keeping us all safe. Talks about how our Shul is extremely proactive and takes security seriously. We are constantly looking to improve and are actually recruiting to have one more person join the security team. This is a commitment that will require some time as you would need to be trained and certified. As always as the saying goes, if you see something, say something!
    • Heshy Friedman – Spoke about the new Shabbos Morning Pirchei program which is only running on Shabbos Mevarchim at this point and has been a huge success. If we can get other fathers involved, we can run the program more often. The program goes for boys in grades 2-5. Also gave an update on the state of the new website which he has worked on over the past year. The website is built out and now needs to be populated with content at which point we can launch the new site.
    • Yaakov Baldinger – Encourages everyone to join in the Shul, take an active role, there are so many opportunities available. Speaks of new committees being formed and announces that Mrs. Carren Teitelbaum will be spearheading a committee to ensure that people who have simchos or r”l tzoras and need meals made can count on the Shul. We need other women to come forward and join Mrs. Teitelbaum. Please let us know if you are interested and we can connect you. We plan to have WhatsApp groups set up to make it easier to join any particular cause.


Other opportunities that need help include: Someone to take care of updating the Electronic Board in the Shul lobby, and someone to help with organizing people to join in Shiva minyanim when it is necessary.


    • Rabbi Dovid Kram – Spoke of the success of the Bochurim Minyan and various other programs that are being run in the Shul, in the side Bais Medrash, including Friday night Onegs, BBQ’s, and Shabbos Afternoon learning. He is constantly working on adding in new programs to help “fill the gap” for the boys in between Yeshiva.
    • Raanan Dvir – Our Treasurer gave a in depth look at what the Shul finances are and encouraged everyone to keep on doing what they are doing. The Shul runs a very tight budget, so it is imperative that we people pay on time and the we keep collections up. We need to work on increasing the Simcha Hall utilization as well as adding to the membership roster. Current membership is at 155 members including, Full, Associate and weekday members.


Parking Lot update – The President gave an update on the state of the Parking Lot and announced that the new plans will include a handicap access ramp to allow people to rent out the hall and know that they have a way to get people with less mobility into the Simcha Hall.


Award! – An award of appreciation was given to Heshy Friedman for all of the wonderful work he has been doing from the Pirchei minyan, Motzoai Shabbos Learning and website to name a few.


Raffle! The Shul’s Simchas Bais Hashoeva Israel Raffle was drawn, and the winners are:

    • 1st Prize – Devorah Weitzman
    • 2nd Prize – Yossi Geretz
    • 3rd Prize – The Bogopulsky Family

We want to thank everyone who participated in the raffle, we will see you next year!


Board Members! The Shul welcomes Rabbi Chaim Silver who will be taking over for Akiva Feinsod! On behalf of the entire Shul we want to thank Akiva for his years of service and know that although he is no longer in an official capacity, we can count on him to continue to serve and be an example to the rest of us on what it means to be part of our Shul. We wish you continued bracha and hatzlacha in all of your endeavors. The full list Board Members follows the email. Yaakov Baldinger will begin a new two year term as Board member as well.


This ended the formal part of the meeting at which point the floor was opened to questions and comments, here are some of the items that were brought up:

  • Bikur Cholim: Dr. Don Rosenblum suggests that we form an internal Bikur Cholim committee to be available to our members as a hotline for medical advice as well as for when people are not feeling well and possibly in the hospital or need extra chizuk. He suggests that several of the doctors in Shul could join the group and he would chair it. Tizku L’Mitzvos Dr. Don!
  • Layning: Topic was brought up to encourage more boys to layn. This is actually already being done. We have a program in place via the Bochurim Minyan where any boy who signs up to layn will be paid for the layning. This is a fully funded program.
  • Tefillah for the country: Yossi Geretz suggests that we institute some Tefillah to show hakoras hatov to the land that we live in. There was a Tefillah in place years ago that many said that was phased out. The Rav responds that he will give it serious consideration.
  • Simcha Hall revenue generating ideas: Aaron Spivak suggests that we add in a professional audio and video component to the Hall to attract people looking to give presentations. Also suggests having alliances with caterers and Party planners to help streamline the process of making a Simcha in Shul.


The evening was rounded out with the Rav speaking and thanking everyone in the kehilla that he is part of. Discusses how technology and texting specifically has helped him be in touch with more people than ever before at a faster rate than could ever be possible. Working on setting up additional times for members to meet with the Rav and discuss topics that might not necessarily constitute an emergency. The Rav then gave a Dvar Torah and concluded with a Bracha to all via the lessen of why Kehas was Zoche to have an Aaron and Moshe come from him. The Rav encourages everyone to reach out to someone in Shul that you would normally have and increase achdus.


The meeting adjourned at 9:45pm.

The Board

Chezkie Neeman, President

Ari Rozenberg, Vice President

Raanan Dvir, Treasurer

Ari Silber, Secretary

Yaakov Baldinger, Board Member

Zev Feder, Board Member

Abe Katz, Board Member

Rabbi Chaim Silver, Board Member

‍‍יג טבת תשעח - December 31, 2017

Schwab Mazal Tov!

On behalf of the entire Shul we would like to wish Mazal Tov to our members Mr. & Mrs. Ami and Yocheved Schwab upon the engagement of their son Dovid to Gitty Snyder Please see the invitation to the vort below!


יה"ר שיזכו לבנות בית נאמן בישראל, בניין עדי עד!

Frager Mazal Tov!

On behalf of the entire Shul we would like to wish Mazal Tov to our members Dr. & Mrs. David and Adena Frager upon the birth of a grandson! Mazal Tov to the parents, Yitzy and Tzeri Frager!


With gratitude to the Ribono Shel Olam, we wish to announce the birth of a baby boy to Yitzy and Tzeri Frager.

Mazel Tov to the grandparents Rabbi Moshe and Rebbetzin Leah Brown and to David and Adena Frager and to all our wonderful  friends.


May they be zoche to be machniso b’briso shel Avrohom Avino bzmano!
!יה"ר שתזכו להכניסו בבריתו של אברהם אבינו בזמנו ולגדלו לתורה, לחופה ולמעשים טובים


‍‍כה כסלו תשעח - December 13, 2017

Blisko Mazal Tov!

On behalf of the Shul we would like to wish Mazel Tov to our members, Mr. & Mrs. Lazer and Adina Blisko on the birth of a Granddaughter! Mazal Tov to the parents Gavriel and Esther Blisko! Please see their note below!

With tremendous joy and Hodoah to Hakodosh Baruch Hu,

we are thrilled to announce the birth of our beautiful granddaughter,

born to our children Gavriel and Esther Blisko.

May we always share in Simchas.

Lazer and Adina Blisko

יהי רצון שתזכו לגדלה לתורה ולבן תורה ולחפה ולמעשים טובים!

‍‍כב כסלו תשעח - December 10, 2017

Dear Members and Friends of our Shul,

As we enter the final weeks of the year, you can be sure that you will be inundated with emails, letters and calls to make year-end tax deductible contributions. We would like to ask that you think of your Shul, Ahavas Yitzchok as well. Everyone should have received an up to date copy of their bill recently, but if you have not, please send an email to [email protected] and our dedicated Treasurer Raanan will be more than happy to send it to you again.

For the coming year we plan to continue to provide services and be the Shul you want us to be; to this end, please speak with a Board member if you have an idea or would like to help out with anything. We continue to work towards making the Shul a place where both the young and more seasoned feel at home; a place to come and enjoy the Torah learning going on as well as other new programs for all ages.

Please help us in this goal by bringing your account up to date or think about an additional donation.

Warm regards,
The Board.


Winter Coat Cleanup – Going once.. going twice…

Thank you to all those who took the time to come and collect their coat. We still have an over flowing coat rack with coats from previous years in the side room, near the kitchen. Please make a point to come and see if one of them is yours and collect it. All remaining coats will be donated after Chanuka!



Shul Raffle!

The Shul’s annual raffle is in full swing. Remember there are only 150 tickets being sold this year with three prizes being given away. Head over to the Shul website and you can buy your tickets online, be sure to select the SBH Raffle option and sign up for as many as you’d like, they are $100 a piece. Click here to go direct to the page:




Shas Project!

Have you signed up to be part of the Shuls Siyum HaShas yet? There is still plenty of time and a nice selection to choose from. Remember the Siyum will take place on Shavuos, so now is the time to get started! Head over to the Shul site and select portion from the Projects tab. For quicker access click on this link:

Mayerfeld Mazal Tov!

On behalf of the entire Shul we would like to wish Mazal Tov to our members Mrs. & Mrs. David and Soshi Mayerfeld upon the birth of a grandson! Mazal Tov to the parents, Shaul and Malky Mayerfeld! Please see their note below!


With much nachas and Hoda to hakodush Boruchu,

we are happy to  announce the birth of a new grandson last night born to our children

Shaul and Malky Mayerfeld.

Mazel Tov to Shaul and Malky and their 4 sons, the grandparents

Nissan and Hindy Klein

and the great grandfather Zev Goldfischer .


All are invited to the Shalom Zochar, I”H,

this Friday at

17 Bruck Court

Wesley Hills


May we continue to share many Simchas!


David and Soshi Mayerfeld 


May they be zoche to be machniso b’briso shel Avrohom Avino bzmano!
!יה"ר שתזכו להכניסו בבריתו של אברהם אבינו בזמנו ולגדלו לתורה, לחופה ולמעשים טובים